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If you are looking for a bitcoin blackjack site, 7BitCasino is a good place to start. This site features Provably Fair Blackjack games and generous BTC bonuses. In addition, it offers the most secure payment system of all bitcoin casinos. Read on to learn more about Bitcoin Blackjack and how to play it responsibly. You will soon be a pro. But first, let’s review some important tips:


If you’re looking for a game that involves chance and skill, online Bitcoin blackjack is one of the most exciting games available on the internet today. You must beat the dealer without going over 21 points to win. Each card has its own value. Aces are worth one point and King and Queen are worth ten points, but you must be careful not to go over 21. To increase your odds of winning, double down your bet!

Splitting is another option for players who want to play a more dynamic version of the game. It’s generally done when the dealer has two cards with the same value. Splitting enables players to divide their cards into two hands by using the same bet. Each hand will play within separate combinations. Aces have a special set of rules compared to other cards. If you’ve split your Aces, the dealer must pay you a two to one winnings based on the number of Bitcoins you split.


There are a few variations of online Bitcoin blackjack available to the online casino player. The probability of busting is dependent on the value of the hand, but overall the odds are in your favor. Hands with a value of 11 or lower have a 0% busting probability, while hands with a higher value (14 and above) have a 58% busting probability. The most common variant is the classic blackjack game.

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Another variant is called European blackjack. This version of online Bitcoin blackjack requires players to make two hands. They each receive one face up card, and the dealer lays one face-down. Players may also improve their hands by switching cards. However, this variant of the game has a lower overall payback rate than other Bitcoin blackjack games. This means that you must be an advanced player to win at this game. The best way to learn how to play Bitcoin blackjack is to visit an online casino and try it out.


Online bitcoin blackjack casinos offer a number of bonuses to attract players. One popular bonus type is a sign up bonus. This bonus provides cash or free spins when a player registers. This way, a player can get a feel of the game without risking money. The bonus is only valid if a player makes at least one deposit with the bitcoin casino. Other Bitcoin casinos offer no deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses allow players to play with virtual money without making a deposit.

In order to qualify for a bonus, you must have a verified Bitcoin wallet. Once you have verified your bitcoin wallet, simply visit the casino website and sign up for an account. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the casino before you deposit or withdraw your funds. Many casinos require wagering requirements before they release the bonus. The requirements for the casino’s welcome bonus will vary depending on the casino. A good casino will make it clear to players if a particular bonus applies to their games.

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Practice using stop amounts

To play BTC blackjack with the most advantage, you should practice using stop amounts. When playing basic strategy, your chances of prompting are equal to 2%. The minimum amount you should stop at is seven. If your hand is a hard one, you should try to collect at least seventeen. If you have less than sixteen, you should buy. But in some cases, it may be prohibited. To practice using stop amounts, use a virtual blackjack table.

One of the most important elements of basic strategy is to double your bets. The player needs to make this decision before deciding whether to stand or hit. To do so, use Table 3 for reference. At the top of the table, the possible face-up cards for the dealer is listed. On the left, the player’s sum values are listed. You need to make use of the columns corresponding to these sum values.

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