A Quantum Crypto Game That’s Both Fun and Challengesome

quantum crypto game

Whether you’re looking for a game that’s both fun and challenging, you’ve come to the right place. A quantum crypto game combines the best aspects of both traditional and online games, with a few unique twists. Learn more about this new game and how you can get involved in its early stages! To get started, read on to learn about QBIT, the Binance smart chain, and Player vs. Enemy combat.


If you’ve been looking for a new way to spend your time, Project Quantum is a game you need to check out. This work-in-progress game is aiming for the holy grail of blockchain gaming: a game that you’d want to play, no matter what blockchain you’re using. It will likely become a popular option among crypto gamers, but the developers are not showing any signs of stopping until they can prove that it is a viable option.

Binance smart chain

The new decentralized exchange for the Quantum Crypto Game, Binance Smart Chain, aims to bring the benefits of DeFi to the mainstream. It will include a wide range of applications including trading, social networking, and NFT exchange market. In addition, it will offer players an opportunity to earn rich income from dinosaur eggs, as well as many other benefits. The new exchange will allow players to earn a variety of cryptocurrencies while playing their favorite games.

Player vs. player

In a virtual world, players are entangled in a network of quantum computers. To break the entanglement, players have to hit an entanglement-breaking Z Measurement shot. If the player entangled with the entangled player fails the Z Measurement, they revert back to their initial position, zero. This game is a perfect example of the power of quantum computing in an online gaming environment.

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Player vs. enemy combat

Players can engage in both player versus enemy combat as well as aerial battles. Players can also use Jetpack and Psychokinesis simultaneously. The main differences between Crypto and the other characters include their special abilities and their combat styles. Octane, for example, is a fast-moving character with a rapid cooldown, while Lifeline has a slower cooldown. Additionally, Wattson’s fences clearly separate safe and dangerous zones, while Caustic’s gas traps encourage underhanded tactics.


The term tokenomics refers to the study of digital assets in the form of cryptocurrencies, which have value. In this article, we’ll examine the role of tokenomics in quantum crypto game. Tokenomics can help you determine the likely future value of a given token. The study of digital assets focuses on the supply and demand of a given token, as well as other factors that may affect its value. Here are the key metrics to consider when evaluating the value of a particular crypto asset.

Audit report

Recently, Quantum posted an audit report from the most trusted blockchain auditor, CDTSEC. Displaying this document shows the company’s dedication to security and trust. The audit covers QBIT, the BEP-20 smart token that powers the Quantum in-game ecosystem and game studio. The token is uniquely coded and has been independently verified by CDTSEC. If Quantum didn’t show this audit report, it could have created an entirely new working class of gamers.


Developers of the Team quantum crypto game have impressive credentials, and aren’t just any old rogue developer. The team includes award-winning game developers from the likes of Microsoft, Sony, and EA, as well as a multi-award-winning director who has worked in several AAA games, including The Last of Us, Call Of Duty, and Uncharted 4. They’re aiming to release the game in late 2020, so expect more details in the coming months.

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