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The BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel is a good place to get a general understanding of the various cryptocurrencies. Though some of their videos are scripted, you can also find their off-the-cuff analysis. The channel also covers other topics besides Bitcoin, including personal finance, digital marketing, and Ethereum. Whether you’re interested in making a profit with cryptocurrency, this channel is worth checking out. Listed below are a few of their most popular videos.

Ben Armstrong

In addition to his renowned talk show, Ben Armstrong, the founder of BitBoy Crypto, also makes his own YouTube channel. His videos feature off-the-cuff analysis and more informal discussions on Altcoins and famous cryptocurrencies. His videos also cover topics like digital marketing, personal finance, and Ethereum. If you want to learn more about the world of cryptocurrency, subscribe to his YouTube channel today! You’ll be glad you did!

BitBoy first entered the crypto world by accident back in 2012. He had a small ticket-selling business. But when Bitcoin first appeared on the market, the website changed its payment options to Bitcoin. After a few weeks, he spent tens of thousands of BTC on advertising. At that time, Ben didn’t fully understand Bitcoin and missed out on seven-figure profits. However, he decided to learn everything about the cryptocurrency market, and began publishing daily videos on YouTube. Today, he has a subscriber base of over 1 million and his videos have a high view count.

Evan Aldo

If you’re interested in learning about trading, technical analysis, and the market, you should check out Evan Aldo, bitboy crypto YouTube channel. Crypto Face shouted him out and his videos are worth watching. In addition to being informative and entertaining, Evan offers a free coaching service and a paid crypto signals service. He’s completely transparent about his current long and short positions, trades margin on low leverage, and uses both long and short-term swing trading. He also posts his trading strategies on his YouTube channel and includes commentary without any music.

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The BitBoy Crypto channel has more than one million subscribers across all of its platforms. Ben Armstrong, the creator of the channel, decided to make it full time in January 2018, and focused on spreading the word about cryptocurrencies. He continues to do so today, and the channel is now one of the most popular crypto news sites on YouTube. He’s been a part of the crypto industry since the beginning, and has become one of the biggest names in the industry.

Benjamin Cowen

A YouTuber named Benjamin Cowen has created a cryptocurrency YouTube channel that features technical analysis and commentary about cryptocurrencies. Currently with 728,000 subscribers, he offers a practical approach to understanding the underlying technology behind crypto currencies. This expert has dabbled in crypto for a while, but has not given up hope yet. His videos are packed with interesting insights and observations that will likely prove useful to anyone looking to enter the crypto world.

Founded in January 2018, BitBoy Crypto has become one of the most popular cryptocurrency channels on YouTube. It regularly posts daily videos that cover the latest news in the cryptocurrency world and interview top crypto CEOs. BitBoy Crypto is an excellent source for advice on cryptocurrency trading, as the team regularly features top performing non-fungible tokens and projects. Subscribe to the channel to receive daily updates on the crypto industry.

Markets with Mayne

While the title of her latest video might be misleading, she’s actually a highly successful crypto trader with a million-dollar position. She has become a popular YouTuber due to her honest approach and genuine advice about the mental side of crypto trading. The ‘If this, then that’ model and her trading strategy are used to predict crypto prices, and she also answers questions in the chat room and uses leverage during her livestreams.

Another popular crypto YouTube channel, Markets with Mayne, puts out daily videos. While some crypto Youtube channels have more subscribers, CryptosRUs has the best quality. In his videos, he incorporates a lot of analysis while answering questions from the audience. His content covers the whole crypto industry, focusing on Bitcoin and other stable coins. His videos are also free, and he has a free discord community where subscribers can chat and ask questions.

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Ben Armstrong’s other channels

In addition to hosting a popular cryptocurrency trading channel, Ben Armstrong has created several other channels on YouTube. For example, he has a channel for BitBoy Crypto, where he covers crypto market news, performance, and world events. His channel also features podcasts on cryptocurrency and investing. Below is a brief description of Armstrong’s other channels on YouTube. To keep up with the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market, it’s important to subscribe to BitBoy Crypto.

If you’re a fan of cryptocurrency and finance, you might be interested in learning more about Ben Armstrong’s background. He started his crypto journey back in 2012, and his first YouTube video about the technology was released in 2012. Ben also lost his own Bitcoins in the 2009 Mt. Gox hack, so he redirected his energy to cryptocurrency trading. In February of this year, he launched the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel, and the content from this video channel has been immensely popular.

His net worth

The internet is full of cryptocurrency content creators. The BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel is a popular place to learn about the latest news on cryptocurrency. It also features reviews of different coins and trading advice. Currently, his channel has over 1.35 million subscribers and continues to grow with the bull market. Its popularity has helped him earn millions of dollars. While his net worth is still unknow, the popularity of the channel has led to several projects and a thriving business.

The internet star was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended Toccoa Falls College and Kennesaw State University. The real name of BitBoy Crypto is Ben Armstrong. He is married and has two children. His YouTube channel is wildly popular, with over 1.29 million subscribers and a net worth of $2 billion. He was suspended for almost three years in 2021, but his fans helped bring it back to life.

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