CIGA – Curacao E-Gaming Authority

curacao egaming authority

CIGA or the Curacao E-gaming authority is the master license holder of online casinos in Curacao. Since 1996, it has been licensing gambling operators in Curacao. In order to prevent any corruption and to protect the players’ interests, the government of Curacao delegated its regulatory powers to 4 independent companies. CIGA was established in 1996 and has since regulated over 40 online casinos.


The CIGA is the Curacao eGaming authority, the body that oversees the online gambling industry in the country. The authority regulates online gaming and helps its members comply with industry standards and regulations, including anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism, responsible gambling, and anti-corruption measures. Players can also file complaints against a Curacao-licensed online operator, but they should always read the CEG’s policies before deciding to play.

The CIGA is a member of the Interactive Gaming Council and represents online gambling operators in Curacao. It ensures that member companies follow the rules of conduct and licensing requirements set by the government. In addition to protecting the interests of online gambling operators, the CIGA also works with lawmakers to implement gaming-friendly policies and regulations. In addition, the CIGA is an advocate for the interests of Curacao egaming operators, and helps protect their image as a trustworthy jurisdiction.

The CIGA issues two types of iGaming licenses in Curacao. A Master license covers all types of online gaming, and is valid for five years. A sub-license is allowed, but must adhere to the restrictions set by the Master license. Additionally, the CIGA prohibits money laundering and bribery. Therefore, the Curacao eGaming authority does a thorough assessment of applicants before awarding a license.

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CIGA licensing process

CIGA was introduced to stop key suppliers undermining rescue efforts. Suppliers may refuse to continue supplying a company if it has not met its obligations to them. Some suppliers will even place themselves ahead of creditors if they don’t receive full payment. In such cases, CIGA is necessary. The licensing process has many other benefits, but it can be confusing. Below we’ll outline the process and the advantages of CIGA.

Suppliers should review their processes for responding to late payments and picking up other warning signs of financial difficulties. They should pursue late payments promptly to prevent significant amounts from going unpaid. Monitoring for signs of financial distress can help suppliers exercise their insolvency termination triggers before the CIGA restrictions bite. In addition, it can help them obtain additional information from a customer that could help them avoid CIGA sanctions. However, suppliers should be aware that the CIGA licensing process has certain limitations.

Under the new rules, directors may not need to leave their current position to enact a CIGA restructuring plan. However, CIGA has introduced new extensions to deadlines for filing with Companies House, as well as relaxing shareholder meeting requirements. However, critics of UK restructuring procedures have criticized the lack of a “debtor in possession” process that would allow company directors to implement a restructuring plan. This process is similar to Chapter 11 in the U.S.

CIGA member casinos

CIGA (Curacao Internet Gaming Association) is an interest group consisting of online gaming parties based in Curacao. CIGA members include master license holders, online gaming providers, trust companies, lawyers, and regulators. The BBC documentary portrayed online gambling as a rip-off and criticized CIGA member casinos. While this documentary was based on unverified assumptions, there is little reason to think CIGA member casinos are unreliable.

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CIGA is an association devoted to the protection of the integrity of the online gambling industry in Curacao. This association represents the interests of operators and protects the reputation of Master Licence Holders. It also serves as a lobbyist and advocate for its members, ensuring that gaming laws and regulations are fair and reliable in the Curacao jurisdiction. If you are planning on opening a casino in Curacao, make sure to check whether it’s a member of CIGA.

The Curacao Internet Gaming Association was founded in 2001. Its members must comply with all licensing requirements and must adhere to a code of conduct. There are many benefits to joining the association, including low taxes on net profits (2%), which are favorable for casinos. CIGA audits member casinos without being overly restrictive. As a result, you can trust CIGA to maintain the highest standards of integrity. This means that the casino can earn a profit while complying with all laws and regulations in the country.