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Cronos live price is $0.0918. Find the Latest News, All Charts, Price Predictions & Learn How to Buy Cronos coin. Its price is -1.05% down in last 24 hours.

Coins that make up the exchange are referred to as CRO, or Cronos (CRO). CRO is designed to enhance the ecosystem by allowing users to select from a range of different perks within the ecosystem. For the time being, CRO is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. A hallmark of's success has been its ability to make steady development.

The ultimate purpose of is to drive and accelerate mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by building an intuitive cryptocurrency interface. In addition to trading (exchange), a VISA debit card, lending and borrowing, automated trading, and a non-custodial wallet, they offer their whole service. All of the rest of this evaluation will be dedicated to CRO and its ability to succeed as a cryptocurrency.

Overview of the pros and cons


  • Staking on an exchange with a high rate of return
  • Exchange fee reductions
  • Participate in a syndicate event to save 50% on a variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Higher interest rates for staking a particular number of CRO tokens


  • Staking's high APY is causing some to reevaluate their business models.
  • Outside of the ecosystem, there isn't much of a use case for Coin.


History of CRONOS

As of 2018, is no longer accepting MCO tokens after a successful ICO in 2017. A bigger purpose of promoting cryptocurrency acceptance has been revealed by Bitcoin payments are the focus of this company's efforts. Customer-merchant interaction has received a lot of attention recently. Customers and businesses alike can select the currency they pay in and receive payment in using

To officially launch CRO, an airdrop was conducted in December of 2018 via the mobile app. During the six months of the airdrop, the tokens remained locked for an additional year. As a result of the establishment of the exchange, CRO has begun to open up more to the public. Staking CRO on the exchange has been made possible for the first time, with owners of CRO now earning 20% APY. To encourage users to acquire, stake, and spend CRO, has offered a slew of rewards since its inception in the year 2020. Access to their syndicate events and savings on the exchange are just a few of the perks offered.

The MCO token will be phased out on August 2nd, 2020, in favor of the CRO token. MCO token holders were able to exchange their tokens for CRO tokens at a 1:13 ratio. The user base was outraged by the switch, although many say that this was the proper financial option for The MCO coin's functionality has subsequently been included into the CRO token. A single token, CRO, is all that is needed to access all the features and benefits of the ecosystem.

Although the CRO ticker stayed unchanged in 2022, decided to rename the coin "Cronos" instead.

CRO's Benefits

For starters, customers that stake the CRO token on the Exchange get 10-14 percent APY. You may also participate in syndicate events by staking your CRO (and earning 10-14 percent APY in the process).

In the weekly syndicate, provides users a discounted pricing, usually 50 percent off, to purchase cryptocurrency. There are also tiered savings on trading fees at the exchange. Fees are reduced when you stake more CRO.

Debit card issued by VISA

In the ecosystem, the VISA debit card is likely the most tempting feature. In reality, launched their ICO via the VISA debit card platform. The audience can choose from five different card tiers. Those who stake more CRO tokens in the mobile app will be able to access greater levels of the VISA debit card. The free tier is the most basic and provides the fewest benefits for all customers. Staking $400,000 USD in CRO tokens is required to reach the top echelon. All of the lower tiers' perks, as well as some new ones, are included in the higher tiers.

A Gift Card

Anyone who wants to use their cryptocurrency can get a free card from All purchases made with the free card earn you 1 percent in CRO. If you'd want to test out the services of and earn some crypto cashback for your purchases, the free card is a great option.

Card Ruby Red

Once you have staked some CRO tokens, the actual rewards begin to accrue. CRO tokens worth $400 must be staked to unlock the Ruby red card. After staking the tokens, you will receive a full refund of your Spotify subscription. CRO will be used to reimburse you for the cost of your original purchase. To top it all off, you get a flat 2% cashback on all purchases, which is double what you would get with the free card.

Card - Jade Green / Indigo Colors

Jade Green and Indigo cards represent the pinnacle of investment. This category requires a $4,000 investment in CRO. The Spotify rebate from the Ruby Red tier is yours to keep. In addition, your Netflix subscription will be completely refunded. You will be able to use the airport lounges at all major airports for free if you have one of these cards. To top it all off, you earn 3% back on all of your purchases.

Card in Icy White/Rose Gold

It's only with the Icy White and Rose Gold card that the advantages are truly amplified. This tier of card includes all of the advantages of the other cards, but it requires a $40,000 investment in CRO. The Icy White/Rose Gold card offers a 100 percent Amazon Prime rebate, which brings us full circle on the rebates. On top of that, all Expedia transactions will earn you 10% cashback. In addition to a welcome package and unique access to Private, anybody in this tier will get a 2 percent interest bonus through Earn. With Private, you can buy significant amounts of bitcoin at once in addition to gaining access to industry events and research studies. You can receive 4% back on all your purchases when you use this card with a friend at the airport lounge.

Card of Obsidian Darkness

The highest card tier, the Obsidian Black card, requires a massive investment of $400,000 in CRO. Both the Obsidian Black and the Icy White cards have a few travel benefits, but the Obsidian Black has an additional 1% cashback on all transactions. With AirBnB purchases, you'll get 10% cashback on your trip, and you'll fly in style. A private airplane is available to Obsidian Black members.

CRO is the preferred method of payment

To assist you in making most of your CRO, offers a comprehensive service. To date, its Pay Program has been utilized by a wide range of businesses. The Pay program has been used by more than 300 companies and 300,000 merchants in 30 countries. Cashback percentages range from 1% to 10% depending on the retailer or brand. If you're going to spend your money, you might as well get some cryptocurrency payback in the process.

There are several drawbacks to CRO

Its infancy as a project is to blame for all of CRO's drawbacks. There is a tendency for new initiatives to have low liquidity, a narrow use case, and underdeveloped technology. CRO falls into each of these groups. As of now, it's too early to say if CRO will succeed in carving out a distinct market niche. Because only a fifth of the total supply of CRO is now in circulation, it has the greatest disadvantage. As a result, there's a great deal of ambiguity about the entire project's direction and the cost of CRO.

How to Buy CRONOS Coin?

CRO can be purchased directly from the exchange. Other exchanges, like as Huobi or KuCoin, also offer CRO trading.

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