Customary Conversion Games For Kids

customary conversion games

If you are a parent, you probably already know that customary conversion games are a wonderful way to introduce kids to different units of measurement. For example, you can use these cards to practice capacity, weight, and length conversions. The cards can be printed or downloaded from a digital resource called the LINKtivity Interactive Learning Guide. The guide also includes learning extension games for each type of conversion.

Let’s Convert

Let’s Convert is an excellent game for 5-7 graders to practice metric conversions. The game involves shuffling a deck of cards and converting measurements to and from different units. The cards are essentially manipulatives, so students can practice their mental math skills and get a visual sense of how the conversions work.

Crime Scene

Crime Scene is a crime simulation game that places the player in the scene of a crime. Players take the role of detectives to solve the case. Unlike other crime simulation games, there is no time limit, so you can take your time and complete the investigation. The game is suitable for a solo or group session, and immerses the player in the crime scene through its visuals, story, and puzzles.

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