Examples of Crypto Capital Venture Firms

crypto capital venture

If you’re looking for crypto capital venture firms, you’re not alone. Many of the world’s top venture capital firms are now “crypto native,” specializing in digital assets. According to data collected by PitchBook, nine out of every ten investors specialize in crypto. Listed below are the top crypto capital venture firms. Read on to learn more. Here are some examples of how to start a crypto venture:

Chain Capital

The new strategic investors in Chain Capital will be working together with the company’s founders to form a Blockchain Working Group that will explore the application of blockchain technology across various industries. The group will include academics, researchers, and technologists who are working on next-generation financial networks. The new partners are joining existing Chain investors in the company. These investors will collaborate to make the industry more open and interoperable. To find out more about the company, read on.

Founded a year ago, Chain is a global network that uses blockchain technology to create private networks for specific markets and assets. While Chain private networks do not use bitcoin currency, they use the same open protocols that enable them to be interoperable with other open digital currency networks. As such, they are well-suited for investors interested in diversifying their portfolios. Besides bitcoin, Chain works with other assets and markets, like the S&P 500, as well.

ConsenSys Ventures

Located in San Francisco, California, ConsenSys Ventures is primarily involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. It has one investment fund and invests in approximately seven to twelve deals a year, with an average investment size of one to five million dollars. ConsenSys’s investment philosophy is to invest in projects that are “revolutionary” and “disruptive,” and it focuses on infrastructure, privacy, and network effects.

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The company is aiming to use blockchain technology to empower communities around the world. MetaMask, which powers the Ethereum network, is one of the company’s most popular products, and the growth rate therein has been over 42 percent in the past four months. MetaMask also supports DAOs and DeFi, a type of smart contract that allows users to make and receive payments without any intermediaries. Its product suite also includes Infura, the leading Ethereum development platform. It has over four hundred thousand developers and supports over $1 trillion in ETH transaction volume annually.

Sequoia Capital

The California-based Sequoia Capital fund has joined the ranks of other VC firms, launching a crypto venture fund. The new fund will operate under the Sequoia Capital Fund and rely on the capital committed by limited partners. The investment company’s portfolio includes ten cryptocurrencies and has invested between a hundred thousand dollars and over $300 million. The crypto market is growing rapidly, and Sequoia is taking the long view.

While many of its investors are focused on blockchain technology, Sequoia is playing catch-up with Andreessen Horowitz. It recently led a $450 million investment in Polygon, a blockchain network. Blockchains are a distributed log of transactions that underlie many major digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. To maintain a blockchain, a group of computers must reach consensus to verify transactions and mint new currency. Polygon is a support layer for Ethereum, enabling it to process transactions at scale.

Winklevoss Capital

A New York family office called Winklevoss Capital invests in early-stage startups in the blockchain space. Its founders, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, own a piece of each Bitcoin. Their first investment in Bitcoin was nearly $10 million at $8 per coin. Today, Winklevoss Capital has stakes in over 50 different crypto companies. The Winklevoss brothers also own a portion of the entire Bitcoin supply.

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The firm’s other investments include Solana, a native token valued at about $0.20 in 2016. Now, Solana is the sixth-largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of $60 billion and is trading at just under $200. CMCC also invests in Ethereum and PingCAP. The Winklevoss brothers, Tyler and Cameron, met Baumann and Morris while traveling in Asia.

Draper Associates

In San Mateo, CA, the early stage crypto venture fund Draper Associates has invested in 15 blockchain companies in the last four years. This list includes 30+ categories of information about the firm. Interested in learning more? Read on to learn more about this fund and its investment strategy. Draper Associates has invested in many tech companies, and has a proven track record of empowering entrepreneurs. Their portfolio companies include Bitcoin, SpaceX, Tesla, Twitch, Hotmail, and more.

The investment firm has a long history of empowering women in tech and other fields. Since its inception in 1987, Tim Draper has invested in more than 250 technology companies, including Baidu, Google, Tesla, and SpaceX. The firm has been a vocal advocate for Bitcoin, investing in the cryptocurrency as early as 2003 after 30,000 bitcoins were seized by U.S. marshals. The firm has invested in over 50 companies in the crypto space, including Coinbase and Tezos.