Game Crypto Coins – Which Ones Are Best?

game crypto coin

Using game crypto coins to buy real-world goods is very popular these days. Hundreds of millions of gamers all over the world are converting these coins into real money. But which ones are the most popular? This article will talk about Enjin Coin, GTCoin, WAX, Chromia, and more. Which ones are best? Read on to find out! You can even get free game crypto coins by becoming a member of a gaming crypto coin exchange!

Enjin Coin

The Enjin Coin is a cryptocurrency that operates as a gaming platform. Its goal is to build a decentralized network where players can trade their currency for game items. The network will scale to millions of users and keep transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, which is known for its trustlessness. Ultimately, it will be the logical endpoint for all games that run on the blockchain. The Enjin ecosystem will allow gamers to browse all of ENJ’s assets and participate in games.

Enjin Coin is a game crypto that has the support of the gaming community. There are almost 19 million gamers worldwide who use the Enjin gaming ecosystem. This means that Enjin Coin has already tapped a large potential market. It is also among the first game crypto coins listed in Japan. Its market cap has decreased significantly from its high of USD 368 million in January. It is currently listed on Coincheck, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Japan.


With the help of the Coinbase open API, game developers can create their own cryptocurrency to use in-game. Unlike traditional currency, a GameCoin is created with virtually no expense. It is a digital token that circulates among gamers and acquires value when used to purchase in-game items and subscriptions. Ultimately, a GameCoin wallet can be used to buy, sell, and transfer the cryptocurrency. Its value can be easily converted to Fiat if necessary.

This blockchain-based cryptocurrency is a great way to get involved in youth sports. By using Game Coin, athletes can create a unique, reusable token and raise their Player Card value. This will allow athletes to compete and build up their value in the sports market. Additionally, the GameCoin platform will be built on a blockchain, allowing individual contributors, organizations, and sports leagues to join. The platform will allow these players to participate in a decentralized marketplace and increase the value of their tokens.

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The WAX game crypto coin uses ERC-20 tokens that can be stored in the EOS cryptocurrency wallet. The tokens can also be traded on the WAX marketplace. The coin can be used in video games and has a diverse range of applications. Its benefits over traditional crypto coins are numerous. One of its major benefits is its potential to become a world-class cryptocurrency. Several advantages outweigh its disadvantages, however.

The game uses blockchain technology to allow players to use virtual goods within video games. They can then be tokenized and exchanged for cryptocurrency. Every transaction is backed by a smart contract, ensuring that the exchange is always a legitimate deal between buyers and sellers. The WAX platform enables a large population of traders to create virtual stores. Additionally, they are able to provide valuation, verification, and evaluation services to the markets, further strengthening the ecosystem of participants.


The chromia game crypto coin is a cryptocurrency that powers blockchain-based gaming. As a game-coin, it enables players to play on computers, smartphones, and video game consoles. The underlying blockchain technology enables MMOGs – Massively Multiplayer Online Games. Players can compete with one another in large persistent online worlds. The chromia game crypto coin’s price can reach $1.95 within two years.

The price of Chromia has surged almost four-fold since the beginning of November, when it rose from $0.3021 to $1.50 – a gain of nearly 4,000% in a single month. The coin hit an all-time high of $1.50 on 20 November, but it has since fallen by nearly five percent, and is currently ranked 177th in terms of market capitalization. Despite the contrasting performance, Chromia is a great way to invest in cryptocurrencies, if you understand the market and your attitude towards risk.

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ALICE, the native governance coin of My Neighbor Alice, is the game’s digital currency. The altcoin uses proof of work to secure its network. ALICE token holders can participate in the governance process through a community council. This council can vote on game budgets, propose improvements, and determine the future growth and development of the game. ALICE holders can also earn staking rewards. These rewards support the ecosystem.

The main use of the ALICE crypto coin is to purchase in-game goods and services. This crypto coin can be used to purchase in-game items and decoration materials, as well as avatar customization. In addition to this, players can use the coin to buy plots within the game. In-game plots can also be sold on the marketplace to earn funds, and the game also includes gamified finance and blockchain functions.


If you’re interested in new crypto coins, you might have heard about Phantasma, a non-fungible gaming play. The non-fungible token is a potential rival to Ethereum’s dapp network. This cryptocurrency has seen some impressive gains in recent weeks, but is it ready for a hot start to the new year? The price of Phantasma is one of the main topics on the market this week.

In Phantasma, its economy is based on two native cryptocurrencies. SOUL is the primary unit of the entire ecosystem and is used for staking, governance, and storage allocation, while KCAL is used for all other on-chain actions. Both of these currencies can be used to pay for transactions. Users can perform both on-chain actions with the help of their Poltergeist Wallet. They can earn rewards in proportion to their staking engagement, with 50,000 SOUL being rewarded with 125,000 Energy every month.