Games With Cryptocurrency

games with cryptocurrency

Using cryptocurrency in games has many advantages. It can help accelerate game goals because of the digital payments. Furthermore, you can create characters and sell them to other gamers. This way, the ecosystem of the game can be co-created and further developed. Blockchain technology can also speed up game development. It can also help create an interactive environment. Here are some of the other advantages of using cryptocurrency in games. They include: –


Whether you’re interested in playing 0xGames games with cryptocurrency is up to you. Despite the success of the games, the 0xGames team is shutting down. According to its CEO, Sergey Kopov, the company is closing due to lack of funding and support from major blockchains. While this is unfortunate news, it’s not the end of blockchain gaming. The 0xGames team is now working to find another investor.

In December, the 0xGames team announced that one investor would no longer support the company. He was returning the remaining funds in December, but did not disclose the reason for this decision. They greeted the new year, 2020, without any debt or money. At the time, they were not sure why the investor was leaving, but they’re focused on the key project and want it to be a success.


A classic drinking game, Games with Quarters requires a table and several competitors. Each person is designated a “shooter” and must bounce the quarter in a glass. Players rotate in turn. The first person to make the most successful bounce will be the winner. Turns should be taken counter-clockwise. A game isn’t complete without one or more drinks! Games with quarters can be fun for everyone! Listed below are some ideas to spice up your next party!

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While many card games require just a deck of cards and a player, Games with quarters take things a step further by focusing on betting. These games involve more than just luck – the psychology of betting is integral to winning. Whether the game is played with quarters or chips, it is easy to learn and play. And while many games are merely about luck, Games with quarters are fun and educational! To play, gather your friends and family for some fun!

Enjin Coin

The Enjin Coin is a digital currency created by the Singapore-based company Enjin. Every item in-game on Enjin has an ENJ value. The company also keeps users up to date on its roadmap and updates on its cryptocurrency. Founded in 2009, Enjin aims to create a community gaming platform. Its ICO raised over $18 million in 2017 and went live in 2018. Its gamified real-world platform will be the next step for crypto gaming.

It aims to simplify the creation of virtual goods on the Enjin platform by reducing transaction costs. Its software development kit and public API help game developers integrate cryptocurrency into their game systems. This allows developers to keep transaction fees to a minimum while allowing most players to use in-game features. The Enjin Coin is an Ethereum-based token and is backed by the ENJ platform token. It is a digital asset that can be used to purchase virtual goods in online games and for other transactions.


The Game of Silks is a virtual thoroughbred racing game that leverages the Ethereum blockchain. The game’s scalability comes from Ethereum’s recent scaling improvements. Moreover, Silks utilizes EVM compatibility to provide a smooth thoroughbred racing experience. Players can earn rewards by breeding horses and staking their Silks. In addition, Silks players can buy plots of virtual land and construct stables. As the players’ avatars are NFTs, they can trade these horses and avatars in a secondary market.

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The Silks cryptocurrency game uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to distribute mining rewards. The initial datasets will be decentralized and centralized, respectively. Nevertheless, the mining process can generate consistent income for community members. In addition to staking cryptocurrency, the Silks metaverse also has a secondary market where players can trade their NFTs. Silks players can also earn by breeding their horses, as well as in the game’s secondary marketplace.

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