Global Poker Complaints

global poker complaints

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve heard about Global Poker complaints. Many people have complained that the site is not rigged, but these complaints aren’t supported by any statistical evidence. Furthermore, there are no forums for players to address their concerns. And the site’s payment processor, PayPal, isn’t the best choice for transactions.

Customer service isn’t as good as it could be

Global Poker offers good email support, but it doesn’t have a live chat option. Their Facebook page is active and they answer messages there. You can also contact them through their support ticket system. The representatives there are helpful and knowledgeable. Sometimes it takes them a day to respond to a player’s questions or concerns.

There isn’t a forum to address player concerns

Global Poker has faced a number of issues recently, including random account suspensions, player-unfriendly handling of technical glitches in MTT series, and security holes with customer documents. These problems have caused player frustration and anger at Global Poker, and the company’s lack of response from management has only exacerbated the situation. Global Poker has denied all claims that their software is rigged, but their actions have stoked the fires of ire among players.

PayPal isn’t the best processor for global poker transactions

PayPal isn’t the best processor for transactions with global poker sites. For one, it is often flagged as a non-compliant processor. Moreover, Worldpay requires its users to provide a bank statement, which delays the process. PayPal hasn’t frozen any funds yet, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to stop the practice.

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While PayPal was an important payment processor in the past, Global Poker has moved on to other payment processors, including WorldPay. PayPal is a popular payment method for US players. While it isn’t the best option for transactions, it has its advantages. For instance, it processes most major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. It is also the only online poker site in the United States that sends cash prizes directly to bank accounts.

While PayPal has some benefits, it also has some major drawbacks. For example, a buyer may reference gambling in his or her purchase, which may result in the cancellation of their PayPal account. PayPal users can work around this problem by using another payment processor.

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