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How to Determine Which Coins Are on Top of the Crypto Ranking

There are several ways to determine which coins are on top of the cryptocurrency ranking. You can use the following resources: Coinmarketcap, TradingView, LunarCrush, CoinMiso, and more. To learn more about these tools, keep reading! Here are some key factors to consider when determining which coins are on top. Weigh these factors and you’ll be on your way to ranking your favourite coins. In the end, we hope that this article has been helpful!


There are many cryptocurrency rankings, but if you’re looking for the latest information, look no further than CoinMarketCap. This website offers you a list of cryptocurrencies that are currently at the top of the market cap. You can also find out the recent volume and price changes of each currency. Listed below are the latest coins that are currently in the top ten in CoinMarketCap’s cryptocurrency ranking. You can also read the CoinMarketCap history pages.


The TradingView cryptocurrency ranking tool lets you monitor the performance of your chosen crypto assets. It provides free real-time data from 25 different exchanges. In addition, it is possible to filter assets based on the fundamental data, price, and performance. This way, you can find the crypto assets that offer the best value for your money. The site offers a chat room for traders to discuss market trends. Here are some features of the TradingView cryptocurrency ranking tool.


The LunarCrush cryptocurrency ranking tool monitors thousands of coins and displays a snapshot of the crypto world. Its dashboard provides key information about each coin, including its price change, market cap, social volume, and social engagement. Each metric is a key indicator that indicates how a coin is performing. Users can trade based on this data, and LunarCrush has a unique set of metrics. Let’s take a closer look at some of these indicators.

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You’ll find a lot of information on cryptocurrencies on the Internet, but the CoinMiso cryptocurrency ranking will give you the scoop on the top coins. This ranking comes from Weiss Ratings, a company with a rich history of rating stocks and mutual funds. It’s best known for its financial strength ratings of insurance companies, but now they’ve added cryptocurrency rankings to their repertoire. While the rankings are not meant to predict the highest price jumps or absolute financial stability, they do help you understand the overall risk-reward proposition of the 79 most popular cryptocurrencies.

Binance Coin

The Binance Coin is the cryptocurrency issued by Binance. It was originally created for discounted trades, but has now gained widespread acceptance for purchases and payments. Binance Coin is built on the Cardano platform, created by the same people who developed Ethereum. The blockchain platform utilizes smart contracts to handle transactions and manage identity. Its most notable development is its forthcoming decentralized exchange, Solana, which will be launched in March 2020. The coin touts its speed and issuance cap of 480 million coins.

USD Coin

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, USD Coin is among the top options. Its safety rank is 4.0, and its expected profit is +0.8%, according to an algorithm that evaluates daily rates over the past six months. The coin’s character is very wavy, so it’s hard to predict when it’s going to go up or down, but this currency is backed by the U.S. dollar and powered by Ethereum.


The market cap of Dogecoin has fallen today as it slipped from the seventh to the fourteenth position on CoinMarketCap. Within a few hours, however, it rose back to the eleventh spot. Dogecoin has been out of the top 10 crypto rankings by market cap for some time, and now sits in the eleventh spot, followed by XRP, Binance Coin, and Polkadot (DOT). It is no longer the lion king of cryptocurrencies, though it continues to rise as the internet culture pushes the currency forward.

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