How to Make Online Gaming Safer

online gaming

Despite the many benefits, online gaming has its flaws. These include time limits, loot boxes, and predators. Here are some tips to make online gaming safer for everyone.

Virtual reality

Using virtual reality online gaming is a great way to make your gaming experience more exciting and enjoyable. It enables you to interact with other people and the environment during games. It also allows you to build a virtual character and master a set of skills.

The virtual reality online gaming market is estimated to be worth $2 billion in 2025, with Asia Pacific countries such as India, China and South Korea expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. The market is also expected to be driven by increasing consumer awareness about the technology, and increasing demand for virtual reality gaming systems in various sectors.

The most interesting aspect of virtual reality online gaming is that it allows you to play games while experiencing a 3D environment. The glasses used to view these games are intelligent devices that display high-frequency visuals, making it difficult to tell the difference between real and virtual worlds.


MMOGs, or Massive Multiplayer Online Games, are games played online in which thousands of players interact with one another. Unlike other computer games, MMOGs require a significant amount of data and technology to operate.

The MMOG genre emerged from a hard-core gamer community. These games were designed with the intention of supporting thousands of players at once. They were also designed to be played for a long time. This resulted in a shallow learning curve, which helped attract millions of casual gamers.

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The first game to adopt the MMOG format was Air Warrior, written by a programmer from Kesmai. The game’s popularity soared in South Korea, where early high-speed Internet connections made it possible to play the game for hours on end. The game later received 3D graphics.

MMOGs require players to cooperate and compete, and many include complex social arrangements. These games can teach valuable lessons about teamwork and problem solving.

Threats from predators

Whether your children play video games or social media, they are at risk of being targeted by online predators. Online predators use false identities to lure children into compromising situations. They manipulate children into sharing sensitive information and images, and subsequently blackmail them. They often ask children to send explicit pictures or videos.

Online predators use video chats to groom children. They use these chats to build a relationship with the victim, and they may then begin to interact with them in real life. The victim is often isolated from their parents and their real-life friends. They use gifts, like gaming currency, as an incentive to share explicit content.

Some popular multi-player video games allow users to speak to strangers. This is a popular method for predators to groom children. The predator poses as a child to gain trust, and then they use a variety of tactics to manipulate the victim into sending explicit pictures or videos.

Time limits

Earlier this year the Chinese government announced new time limits for online gaming and a new real-name based system for authenticating gamer accounts. In fact, the BOS (Bureau of Statistics) deemed the extension of these restrictions to be a bad omen for the country’s gaming industry.

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The government is attempting to do something about the prevalence of gaming addiction among China’s growing population of gamer aficionados. According to a government report, one in ten Chinese minors were addicted to the web in 2018. The latest news comes in the form of a flurry of measures aimed at scuttling the gaming habit.

The aforementioned measures have been implemented on a trial basis since late last year. The best thing to know is that the measures are designed to promote a positive gaming environment and protect the young, while at the same time promoting healthy competition amongst gaming enthusiasts.

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