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How to Use a Crypto Portfolio Tracker

With a crypto portfolio tracker, you can organize all of your scattered financial information. This helps you create financial goals and get a clearer understanding of your financial holdings. Once you understand what your money is doing, you can create a plan for it and work toward it. With the help of a crypto portfolio tracker, you can keep track of all of your investments and determine which ones will be the most profitable. Using this type of program is easy and provides you with valuable information.


The Altrady crypto portfolio tracker is a user-friendly tool that helps you track your investments and manage your money. It provides you with charts on the cryptocurrency market and detailed information on selected pairs. You can also see historical price information, as well as patterns and predictions of price returns to their base. You can also add news to your portfolio and view the latest market news. You can customize your interface to suit your needs, and view multiple charts to track your profits and losses.

The Altrady crypto portfolio tracker shows the movement of your cryptocurrency assets and provides accurate values based on custom time frames. You can also see the portfolio distribution by exchange and currency, including a stacked chart. The Altrady crypto portfolio tracker offers three plans: basic, essential, and premium. You can also use a free trial to try the software before paying any subscription fees. If you’re a beginner, you may want to try the free version, which does not require a subscription.


The Kubera crypto portfolio tracker provides a simple online platform for monitoring your cryptocurrency portfolio. Its simple-to-use interface allows you to analyze your primary and secondary assets. Kubera’s web-based solution is compatible with a variety of exchanges and self-custody crypto wallets. Kubera has an estate management function that automatically sends your portfolio data to your designated beneficiary in the event of your death. Kubera is available for both iOS and Android. Users can also create global dashboards with their local currencies and view value in the other currency.

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Unlike traditional portfolio management software, Kubera is free to use. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Kubera is simple to use, and it supports multiple currencies. Users can track up to ten different currencies. Once you’ve set up an account, you can add assets or currencies to keep track of their price movements. Despite its simplicity, Kubera has some disadvantages. The pricing is relatively high: a single subscription costs $150, but users can get a 14-day trial. However, if you’re not satisfied with this price, you can sign-up for a longer subscription.


A crypto portfolio tracker allows you to easily add and view various coins in your portfolio. You can add one, several, or even all of them, and follow their price changes over time. Its charts allow you to track every single coin‘s price movement. Some trackers allow you to track more than one portfolio at a time, and some even allow you to add more than ten. This makes this software an excellent option for anyone who manages several different cryptocurrency investments.

The latest update to Delta’s crypto portfolio tracker adds a Share My. feature, which allows you to securely share your portfolio with friends. The redesigned page for monitoring your portfolio also has a redone design. You can toggle off these features if you want to. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your portfolio with others, you can turn off the new features. The new updates are not only better-looking, but they also have some interesting new features.

Lunch Money

You can use the lunch money for crypto portfolio tracker to keep track of your investment portfolio. It provides an easy-to-use interface with a net worth chart showing your assets and liabilities. You can also use the lunch money for crypto portfolio tracker to manually enter and track over 1,000 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. The app also lets you create a budget and automatically tag transactions, making it easy to monitor your spending patterns.

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Lunch Money is available for free, and it syncs with your bank account. It supports Canadian and US banks, and automated syncing works for both. If you prefer, you can also manually import your transactions using a CSV file. There are API keys available to automate this process. You can also integrate Lunch Money with your bank, if you wish. In case you’re not interested in paying a monthly subscription fee, you can opt for a one-year subscription for $100.


If you want to keep track of your cryptocurrency investments, Zerion is the perfect tool for you. This free crypto portfolio tracker is the perfect way to keep tabs on the growth of your investments. The Zerion interface is simple and intuitive, and allows you to easily add, monitor, and transfer your assets. It also shows you the current value of your portfolio, along with the 24-hour change. You can also check out the savings and interest earned by your accounts. To start using the Zerion app, you must first connect your Ethereum wallet to the service. You can purchase ETH on Zerion or from an exchange. Once you have deposited ETH in your Zerion wallet, you can immediately begin investing.

You can use Zerion on your computer or smartphone – you can even download the app for iOS or Android. The app offers a simple interface for managing your portfolio, and allows you to easily add your Ethereum wallet. The platform also aggregates over 60 DeFi investment protocols and liquidity providers, giving you access to virtually every asset on the market. You can also opt for DeFi indexes, which are becoming increasingly popular as a way to diversify your portfolio. Zerion supports over 60 protocols, and the DeFi Pulse Index represents the best performing DeFi projects in the market.

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