Is Investing in ICP Crypto a Good Investment?

is icp crypto a good investment

Investing in ICP is an excellent idea if you want to reap the benefits of blockchain technology. Its revolutionary technological foundations and applications are unrivaled by any other cryptocurrency, and it has been listed on the stock market. While some investors may have worried that the technology is merely hype, the fact is that it has been in development for years. The company’s road map for 2022 also provides investors with a clear idea of its future direction.

ICP generates income in the form of staked maturity

ICP crypto generation is made possible by a proposed solution to the ICP problem. This proposal is to make the maturity in the form of a token that is not minted but is instead transferred out of neurons. This method reduces the rate of minting new ICP tokens by deferring minting until the neurons dissolve. It will help stabilize the ICP token market by reducing the pressure to sell tokens.

To create a new neuron, the controllers with a public key can transfer the ICPs to a governance container and then lock a part of the balance in a new neuron. This process occurs in two stages: first, the ICPs to be pledged are transferred from the principal’s account into the governance container, and then the neurons associated with them are dissolved. Once the ICPs have been transferred to a new neuron, the controller’s private key then controls it.

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ICP supports Solidity as a smart contract language

ICP, a blockchain-based service platform, supports the use of Solidity as a smart contract language. The language supports the X11 protocol, which has several advantages over Ethereum. It can be used for decentralized applications and is fast enough to be perceived as a cloud platform. Traditional blockchains require fees to verify transactions and can be slow. ICP has high TPS, optimizations of its data structure, and versions for various types of applications.

Although the Internet Computer protocol (ICP) is a relatively young technology, it already supports smart contracts written in Solidity. This means that smart contracts written in the language will run at a web speed and will serve web experiences directly to the user. This upgrade is important for decentralized exchanges because smart contracts built on the Internet Computer can be executed without cloud nodes. The development community recently unveiled the Uniswap front end on the Internet Computer.

ICP has a road map for 2022

ICP was widely hailed as the next big thing in blockchain. The ICP crypto was released on 10 May 2021, and its token went on to be listed on Coinbase, a move that pricked the ears of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In mid-December, however, ICP’s price was down to $20, and had not recovered to the high prices of July and August. Now, however, the ICP crypto project has unveiled a road map for 2022, which outlines the goals it has for its token.

While Bitcoin integration is still in the distant future, ICP is now eyeing Ethereum integration as a way to make itself the heart of the cryptocurrency and metaverse. This integration will allow ICP to become the hub of cryptocurrency, the blockchain that powers the Internet of Things, and the largest blockchain for smart contracts. The ICP integration with Ethereum is planned to occur in Q3 of 2022. The company says this will be a major milestone for the ICP.

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ICP has a low risk score

In terms of risk, ICP has a very low risk score. Currently, the project is slated to launch in May of 2021. Its team of scientists and engineers includes the inventors of the Internet Computer and the DFINITY Foundation. The team comprises of top cryptographers, distributed systems specialists and programming experts. The cryptographers collectively hold more than two hundred patents and a hundred thousand academic citations.

The Internet Computer Project’s price has been steadily falling over the past year. WalletInvestor projects that the price will fall to $0.76 in one year, $0.50 in 2024, and $0.28 in 2025. This is not bad news if you’re looking to invest in a speculative crypto. However, you should know that the price of ICP has not yet hit the bottom of the last correction, and you should not be overly optimistic about it yet.