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Play to Earn Crypto Games

Play to earn crypto games (P2E) allow players to earn cryptocurrencies and then transfer those funds to a cryptocurrency wallet. These cryptocurrencies are then used to buy in-game items or non-fungible tokens that function as the game’s currency. Because of the financial benefits associated with P2E games, this industry is rapidly booming. In fact, this type of gaming is a subset of GameFi, a new industry which combines decentralized finance and gaming.


The Splinterlands team consists of many people with diverse backgrounds, including some very high-profile advisors. Aly Madhavji, a senior advisor, has spent nearly 4 years working with the United Nations, assisting the organization in developing Blockchain and FinTech solutions. The team also includes Edward Sullivan, the CEO and founder of Trust Exchange. This team has a long history of success in the crypto games industry, and their combined expertise makes them a logical choice to join the project.

Players can purchase cards and build combinations to defeat other players. The gameplay is similar to that of other card games, such as Hearthstone. To begin playing Splinterlands, gamers need to purchase a Spellbook, a specialized digital wallet, which stores a unique number of cards. Players earn rewards each day by completing tasks. Trials and tournaments help them win coins, as well as NFTs and equipment.

Plants vs Undead

To play Plants vs. Undead to earn crypto, you must download the game first. This game uses a partially locked token system, meaning that different percentages of tokens are locked for a different amount of time. As the game continues to develop, however, these tokens will eventually become exchangeable for real money. You can also trade your tokens for other crypto and fiat money.

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To get started, first open an account. You can do this through the game’s official website. After you’ve done that, download the MetaMask extension. This extension expands your browser and will take you to your personal account for Plants vs. Once you’ve registered, choose a unique nickname to use to access the game.

Gold Fever

A growing industry, play to earn crypto games let you play online games to earn cryptocurrency and use the money to purchase in-game items or other currency. The benefits of P2E games are clear: the financial rewards are substantial, and players can easily convert their money into real currency. The P2E industry is booming, and is part of a larger industry called GameFi, which combines decentralized finance with gaming. Several games have already received initial funding.

In addition to its decentralized nature, Play to Earn games are a highly intriguing element of the decentralized ecosystem. While the market capitalizations of the top crypto coins and tokens vary, all are well over ten billion dollars. Axie Infinity is the clear leader, with a fully diluted market capitalization of nearly $16 billion. Decentraland is a strong competitor with a market cap over $1.25 billion.

Spider Tanks

The newest release in the plethora of play to earn crypto games is Spider Tanks, an exciting multiplayer brawler that leverages the Ethereum blockchain. Players earn money for playing the game while earning crypto tokens to purchase new tanks and other items. Despite being a free game, the play to earn crypto feature will be added soon. The team behind the game has offered weekly prizes to encourage players to keep playing.

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To earn money in Spider Tanks, players can play a skill-based competition, collect game resources, and cycle-upgrade their vehicles. This action-packed game allows players to earn coins by exploring and using an array of NFT tank bodies and weapons, and destroying enemies on them. The multiplayer mode also offers a unique way to earn money through the game’s Binemon mode. Players raise a virtual NFT pet in order to obtain bonuses and collect coins.


The Silks blockchain game is a cross between horse racing and the crypto space, leveraging the power of blockchain technology and the blockchain economy. In addition to creating a secondary market, the game aims to attract investors. Its platform is governed by a DAO. A primary goal of the Silks game is to attract investors by offering players a way to collect rewards through in-game staking. Players can win cryptocurrency by breeding horses or racing them.

There are a number of different ways to earn Silks, but one of the most exciting is through the NFTs. For example, Silks’ NFTs are digital twins of real-world thoroughbred horses. Each virtual horse also has unique characteristics. This means that players can use their virtual money to acquire real-world properties. Silks also has a unique ecosystem of virtual goods, like Silks horses.

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