The Best Movies of 2018

crypto movie

Crypto‘ is a film about a Wall Street banker who is sent to a small town branch in upstate New York to work in a local art gallery. This leads to a connection with a global conspiracy and puts his family in grave danger.

Trust No One: The Hunt For the Crypto King

Using real events as the backdrop, Netflix’s Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King dramatizes the quest of furious crypto investors to track down the Crypto King. The documentary explores the rise and fall of QuadrigaCX, Canada’s largest crypto exchange. The documentary is directed by Luke Sewell and is available on Netflix.

The story is reminiscent of You Can’t Kill Meme, The Great Heist of Brazil’s Central Bank, and A Glitch in the Matrix. These films explore the dark side of the internet, and in this case, the allure of getting rich quick. It also explores online forums where users are desperate for truth. This documentary makes a good cautionary tale, and shows the true victims of a crypto Ponzi scheme.

The Netflix documentary follows a group of investors, who believe the crypto exchange founder Gerry Cotten stole their money. The exchange failed to process withdrawals, and the group of investors began an investigation.

Banking of Bitcoin

Using the ethereum platform to mine and trade cryptocurrencies may be the next big thing in crypto currency but will commercial banks be the ones to take the plunge? As of writing, the value of a bitcoin is over 50% lower than it was at the start of the year. Those hoping to capitalize on the digital currency may be best served by taking advantage of the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) to store the coins in a series of vaults.

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The FRB has a number of interesting projects under its wing including a series of ethereum powered wallets and an ethereum based tokenized currency exchange. The FRB has already been embraced by several financial institutions including UBS and BNY Mellon. As with any fintech endeavor, there are teething issues.

Life on Bitcoin

Almost two years ago, a couple of young newlyweds made a documentary called Life on Bitcoin. The documentary chronicles their adventures on a 100-day journey using only Bitcoin for expenses. The couple traveled across the United States, Europe, and Asia using only the cryptocurrency.

The documentary is based on the experiences of Austin Craig, a young media producer, and Beccy Craig, a new wife. Austin and Beccy started their adventure two weeks after their marriage. They decided to live on the cryptocurrency for a month to see how it would affect their life.

The couple had to spend the currency to live and survive, but they weren’t too worried. When things didn’t go right, they were able to rely on the kindness of strangers. When things went right, they were able to celebrate their successes.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Those interested in the history of blockchain technology may enjoy Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain, a documentary by actor-turned-documentary filmmaker Alex Winter. The film explores the history of bitcoin and the technology behind it.

The film provides a good overview of what is happening in the world of cryptocurrency, and also offers a glimpse into what’s coming next. It’s a perfect launching pad for those who’ve never heard of the currency, but it also provides interesting information for those who have.

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Aside from its interesting and informative content, Trust Machine also makes an interesting argument for why we should use blockchain technology. The film highlights the way that technological innovation can be used to address some of our most pressing global problems. Several examples include the way that it can help build resilient systems, secure programmable software, and combat identity theft.