The Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Price Forecast For 2017

bitcoin cryptocurrency price

After the initial surge in the summer of 2015, the bitcoin cryptocurrency price remained relatively stable through early November. However, on October 23 and November 4 of that year, the price spiked massively. Specific exchanges posted prices of $275 and $460, respectively. Despite the sharp rise in prices, bitcoin continued to trade around $360 at the end of November. In early 2017, it broke the $1000 mark. But this bull run may not last forever.


In this article we’ll discuss the Bitcoin cryptocurrency price forecast for the coming months. It’s important to remember that this is only an estimate based on the past 30 days of data. Bitcoin may reach more than $75,000 by the end of the year, but we’re not there yet. That’s because the price of bitcoin is still at historic lows. In fact, this cryptocurrency is expected to break all records by 2022.

There are many factors that drive the price of cryptocurrencies, including inflation. One of the main reasons why the price of Bitcoin has risen is because of high inflation. As inflation becomes more widespread, investors may move their money to digital money. As more businesses accept this digital currency, the value of Bitcoin will stabilize. Then, if you’re in the market for cryptocurrencies, you’d better act fast. Until then, you’ll want to wait a few more years.

Market share

North America captured the biggest share of the global bitcoin market in 2020. While most of the developed world views bitcoins as a form of taxation, this has not deterred many consumers from embracing the digital currency. North America’s acceptance of digital cash, popularity of mining, and presence of most of the key players drive the market. But the future of the cryptocurrency market looks uncertain. Experts predict that no one digital currency will dominate the global market.

To understand how different cryptocurrencies are performing, it is important to look at their market cap. While this measure gives a general idea of how big a coin is, the market cap of each coin reflects its relative strength in relation to other coins. Bitcoin’s dominance against other coins shows how much the cryptocurrency market has changed. For example, the price of bitcoin today has dropped from nearly $20,000 in early 2017 to less than $8,000. This drop was attributed to news that China and South Korea would impose stricter regulations.

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The supply of bitcoin is one of the major factors determining its price. There is a finite supply of the digital currency, but demand is growing. If the supply was to be cut in half every four years, corn prices would skyrocket. The same principle applies to cryptocurrencies. When demand exceeds supply, the price goes up. But this effect is temporary. This is because the supply is decreasing. In addition, the rate at which the cryptocurrency is created slows down.

The number of bitcoins in circulation is also limited. According to Coin Base, the circulating supply is 18.9 million, or 90 percent of the total. That means there is a high demand for bitcoins. The limited supply also prevents inflation, which is another factor affecting price. While the demand for bitcoin is high, there are fewer coins available to mine. The price of bitcoin is dependent on the amount of coins available.


Prices of Bitcoin cryptocurrency depend on demand and supply. As more people turn to digital currencies, their price is increasing. As consumers become more familiar with them, they may start to believe that they’re worth more than Bitcoin. As such, demand will fall, while supply will rise. Here are some factors that may affect the price of Bitcoin:

First, macroeconomic uncertainty is a key factor. The Federal Reserve has cut its huge portfolio of loans in an attempt to combat the rapid inflation. That’s a good sign, but it also means demand for cryptocurrency may decline. The Fed’s preferred inflation gauge is now above its 2% target. Second, heightened tensions with Russia may impact demand. While these factors may be counterintuitive, they are a concern for investors.

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Taproot upgrade

A Bitcoin blockchain upgrade called the Taproot will soon be implemented. This is the largest change to the Bitcoin blockchain in four years. The upgrade has received almost universal support among the Bitcoin community. It will make it more difficult for hackers to trace Bitcoin transactions. However, some investors are still unsure of how Taproot will affect the cryptocurrency’s price. In this article, we’ll examine what the Taproot upgrade means for Bitcoin cryptocurrency prices.

The newest upgrade to the Bitcoin network will be Taproot, which aims to improve privacy and scalability. Unlike SegWit, which caused a “civil war” within the Bitcoin community, Taproot will enhance privacy features and smart contract functions. The upgrade will lead to improved wallet functionality and reduced fees for complex transactions. While it’s unclear whether the upgrade will be implemented soon, investors are pumped about its potential for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency price.


The Demand for Bitcoin cryptocurrency price is closely tied to the global economic and political situations. In fiat currencies, monetary policies change with political and economic developments. However, the monetary system in the bitcoin ecosystem is entirely decentralized, with no central authority regulating the monetary base. The creation of a bitcoin follows detailed rules set forth in a strict protocol. However, the demand for Bitcoin cryptocurrency price may fluctuate, depending on whether the bitcoin is in demand or not.

Supply and demand are fundamental economic concepts. As a nascent asset class, the price of Bitcoin is determined by a complex combination of factors. These factors include production costs, competition, regulatory developments, and difficulty level of the algorithms used to mine bitcoins. Increasing awareness of bitcoin as an investment vehicle and its utility increases will increase its price. Further, the number of people who wish to invest in bitcoin is growing as a result of increased popularity.

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