The Next Big Crypto

next big crypto

If you are looking for the next big crypto, it’s not necessarily bitcoin or Ethereum. There are other cryptocurrencies that are gaining momentum in the market today, including Bored Apes, Filecoin, RenderToken, and XTZ (Tezos). But how do you know which one is the next big crypto? Read on to find out! The next big crypto may surprise you! Here are the five hottest cryptocurrencies to watch in 2019:

Bored Apes

In the crypto world, Bored Apes are the poster child for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. The recent rise of Bored Apes’ popularity could be the cause for an overt crypto split. From coin investing to collecting NFTs, to blockchain-powered applications to metaverse real estate, everything is happening under the crypto banner. If people are turned off by the NFT space, they’ll likely be more averse to the crypto market. So, what should early crypto investors do?


Filecoin is a decentralized cloud storage system where users can share files for a fee. Miners earn FIL coins for making storage space available to users. Unlike other forms of cloud storage, which require users to store data on their own computers, Filecoin uses a blockchain to store data decentralizedly. As a result, data is easily retrievable and cannot be censored. The system was first launched in December 2013 and has already attracted millions of users.


If you’re looking for the next big thing in cryptocurrency, you should consider Render Token. With a high reward-to-risk ratio, Render Token has a chance of becoming the next big thing in crypto. But before you invest in it, read up on its project and team, as well as the other projects in the Metaverse. And don’t buy it if you don’t understand what it’s all about.

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XTZ (Tezos)

While Tezos (XTZ) is a small fish in the crypto ocean, it has the potential to become a giant shark. The currency is present on all the major exchanges and compliant exchanges allow traders to trade Tezos for fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies. Among the advantages of using Tezos is its block rewards program. If you are a techie, you can learn about the benefits of Tezos mining and its future potential.


XRP, short for “real time revenue,” is the next big cryptocurrency to emerge from the shaky bitcoin ecosystem. The crypto is designed to be decentralized, but the Ripple team controls over 52 billion XRP, which is a large amount of capital in dollar terms. While the Ripple team claims that the network is decentralized, the large amount of XRP currently held by its team will ultimately affect the value of XRP.

LBLOCK (Lottery Block)

If you’ve been wondering whether LBLOCK is the next big crypto, you’re in luck! It has recently been listed on some of the world’s most popular centralised exchanges, and is on the fast track to becoming one of the most popular digital currencies in the world. But before you jump on the LBLOCK bandwagon, you need to know what it’s all about.

Lucky Block (Global Lottery Platform)

The Global Lottery Platform, or GLPL, is a decentralized blockchain lottery with a simple business model. Ticket sales and a transaction fee fund the jackpot scheme, which is then divided among the winning lottery ticket holder, a charity, and token holders. Lucky Block‘s model avoids regulatory hurdles by using cryptocurrency. By using cryptocurrency, Lucky Block can avoid reporting user-sensitive data to anti-money laundering authorities. As of writing, Lucky Block is working with the Malta Gaming Authority to implement its lottery platform.

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