The Space Moon Crypto

space moon crypto

If you’re curious about the safety of this non-fungible token, look no further than the Space Moon Crypto. This crypto-currency is backed by DOGE-1, a CubeSat that will grow indefinitely and earn passive rewards through static reflection. The Space Moon BTC is sold for a fee of 8%. Every trade generates liquidity for multiple exchanges. However, you should avoid investing in Space Moon BTC until you’ve read the terms and conditions carefully.

SafeMoon is a non-fungible token

The hype and hyped-up price of SafeMoon is hard to ignore. With a market cap of around $1 billion, it’s an underdog against over 9,000 other coins, but it’s not a great investment. The coin lacks utility and has been compared to a Ponzi scheme. Its price will only rise if enough people are excited to keep buying it, which means it may not be a good buy in the short term.

SafeMoon is a relatively new cryptocurrency, but already has a wide following. The app went live on Oct. 1 and had already been downloaded by 100,000 Android users. The app was ranked as high as #10 within twelve hours, and by mid-November, it had been downloaded over 600,000 times. Since the coin is non-fungible, it will continue to rise in value as more people become aware of its existence. Moreover, the cryptocurrency hype is adding fuel to the fire.

DOGE-1 is a CubeSat

A cryptocurrency project called DOGE-1 is set to launch before NASA’s CAPSTONE. Despite numerous delays, this mission may be the first cubesat to reach the Moon. DOGE would be a revolutionary achievement for spaceflight and crypto enthusiasts. A DOGE coin will represent one unit worth 100 DOGE. However, there’s still a chance it will not reach the moon.

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The company behind DOGE-1 plans to launch the CubeSat in Q1 2022, which will set a record for the most spacecraft launched in one go. As of right now, over 1600 cubesats have been launched into LEO, which is the region of Earth orbit spanning from 155 to 1,200 miles. Nevertheless, DOGE plans to launch DOGE-1 to the moon, which would mean a 250,000-mile journey.

It’s a joke

Elon Musk recently tweeted about launching a cryptocurrency to the moon. While Musk’s tweet didn’t gain much traction, it was funny enough to garner over two hundred thousand likes and twenty-five retweets within four hours. The tweet was posted on April Fools’ Day, so it was expected to go viral, but the response from Musk’s followers was quite different. After Musk replied to one of the comments with a “cheese joke”, Dogecoin‘s price shot up. At six:15am ET, Dogecoin was worth $0.05.

It’s an NFT

The latest announcement from the Space Moon Crypto Foundation (NFT) is that Jeff Koons has made a series of art sculptures that will land on the moon. Titled Moon Phases, the sculptures will remain permanently on the lunar surface. The NFT is a way for anyone to buy a piece of history and be able to enjoy it for the rest of their lives. It is estimated that the first Moon Phases sculpture will be placed on the moon by 2018.

The Moon cryptocurrency is unique because it rewards users for participating in metaverse activities. Users can explore the dark side of the moon or solve conspiracy theories. They can even set up base to travel to Earth or other planets. The Moon is an interplanetary Metaverse and is considered a valuable resource by the developers. The Moon will launch at a time when the market is positively positioned for the NFTs to grow. Therefore, it makes sense for people to consider investing in this cryptocurrency.

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