Top Cryptos For 2022

cryptos for 2022

If you are a cryptocurrency investor, you may want to consider investing in some of the top cryptos of 2022. Among these are ApeCoin, Cardano, Solana, and BudBlockz. The quality of these coins depends on what your investment goals are. Each strategy has a different expected outcome.


In the crypto world, ApeCoin is a promising asset. It has the potential to attract new users into the crypto space through gaming, merchandising, and events. In addition, it represents a significant evolution of the NFT space. It has evolved beyond “profile picture projects” into a $40 billion-plus industry.

It is the governance coin for the gaming metaverse. This makes it the largest NFT ecosystem. Currently, there are three full-format collections that have been developed on the ApeCoin platform. ApeCoin is based on the Ethereum blockchain and has a supply limit of 1 billion tokens.


Cardano cryptocurrency is currently in a bullish phase, but it may enter a bear market during the next six months. While it will eventually recover, the price will likely fall below its peak of $3.3 billion in July 2021. This could cause investors to sell off their crypto holdings. A recent forecast estimates that Cardano will reach $0.80 cents by the end of 2022. By that time, the price would have increased 56% from its current level. It would then add another $0.03 to its value, and close at $0.93 by 2023.

This could mean a retest of the previous ATH of $0.0109, which would mean a significant increase for Cardano. However, cryptocurrency is a high risk, volatile investment, so never invest more than you can afford to lose. In the long run, Cardano may offer a solid return on investment.

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The Solana cryptocurrency is up almost ninefold in 2021. However, it is important to note that this price is subject to significant fluctuations and is not a surefire investment. As such, it is important to carry out independent research and keep an eye on other market dynamics. This article has compiled information from various sources, but it is not intended as investment advice.

Solana’s native cryptocurrency, SOL, is a digital asset that can be used for transaction fees, staking, and voting. The token is available for purchase on Coinbase. It is similar to Bitcoin, which was developed over a decade ago to solve the tricky problem of anonymous financial transactions.


The BLUNT cryptocurrency is the centerpiece of the BudBlockz cryptocurrency ecosystem. Currently trading at $0.021, the $BLUNT is poised to skyrocket before the official launch of the cryptocurrency in the middle of 2022. If the initial public offering is successful, the $BLUNT could break into the Top 100 by 2022. Meanwhile, Bitgert is also expected to make a big splash in 2022. It is already certified by Coin Market Cap as a top 300 asset and has broken into the Top 250 in recent weeks.

The BLUNT token acts as a virtual medium of exchange where owners can purchase and sell goods. It also provides liquidity to the NFT marketplace and offers fractional ownership opportunities for dispensaries. Additionally, the BLUNT token enhances the communal aspect of the cannabis industry. Its governance process allows holders to make proposals and participate in decision-making. It also fosters a sense of community by providing a place to discuss and vote on the ecosystem’s development.

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Stellar Lumens

The price of Stellar Lumens is expected to reach $0,46 by 2022. The cryptocurrency has already partnered with Deloitte and Stripe. In addition, it is expected that the company will expand its reach by establishing partnerships with more banks. Investing in Stellar Lumens today can help you reap the rewards later on.

The cryptocurrency has gained tremendous popularity in the last year. However, it is a volatile market, and its price fluctuates. While it is not suited for long-term holding, it is suitable for corporations and organizations that need instantaneous transactions and cross-border payments.


Flow is a decentralized, high-speed blockchain that is designed to enable new generation games, apps, and digital assets. Its architecture makes it scalable without sharding and offers better throughput. The applications on Flow enable users to keep their data in control and create an open economy. This means that consumers can access digital assets anywhere in the world, at any time.

The price of Flow is expected to hit $7.84 by the middle of the year and $7.04 at the end of the year. However, the market is highly unpredictable and there is always the possibility of price fluctuations. This is why it is important to seek the proper investment advice before investing.