Types of Crypto Punk

crypto punk

There are several distinct types of Crypto Punks. These individuals identify as the anti-establishment movement and value liberty and social justice above wealth and power. Some of these groups are called RomanPunks, Ape Punks, Zombie Punks, or AlienPunks. Each has its own ethos, but most of them adhere to the principles of crypto-punk. This article discusses the different types of Crypto Punks and the values that drive them.


The RomanPunks are a movement of cryptopunks inspired by fine art, history, and cyberpunk aesthetics. This new breed of punks has transmogrified the definition of Ethereum. Their unique coins have been minted on the Ethereum blockchain and transcend the confines of time and space. Currently, there are 1,000 RomanPunks. Each of these coins has its own unique design, and all are hand-drawn and have carefully crafted properties.

The earliest CryptoPunks were made of ASCII codes (12 x 12 lines). This type of punk was developed by computer algorithms. Today, RomanPunks pay homage to the early CryptoPunks by using bright colors and unique facial expressions. The RomanPunks also incorporate pop culture, sci-fi lore, and historical references to create their artwork. It’s an art form with its own unique style.

Ape Punks

A collection of apes, ape-like characters, and aliens based on the nascent Ethereum blockchain have recently become available for sale. The CryptoPunks are a collection of more than a thousand pixel-art images, each with its own personality and unique combination of random features. These are akin to an online zoo of eccentric characters. A set like this will appeal to both ape and alien fans alike.

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One of the earliest NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoPunks started several months before CryptoKitties. These enigmatic creatures are limited to 10,000 copies and can be valued based on their attributes, such as a choker and buck teeth. There are even seven-attribute CryptoPunks, with one being worth 96 ETH. Although CryptoPunks are popular, there are some differences.

Zombie Punks

There are over ten thousand CryptoPunks on the market. Among them are 88 green-skinned zombies, twenty-four hirsute apes, and nine light-blue aliens. Each has a unique look and outfit. One is even smoking a pipe! Hall and Watkinson claim to own 1,000 of these CryptoPunks. These are the most expensive Punks, so you may want to invest in one or two.

In a recent auction, a CryptoPunk with the name “Zombie” sold for $5.3 million. This makes it the fourth most expensive CryptoPunk ever sold for. This is a staggering price, and the seller of the Zombie CryptoPunk was able to pocket almost double the money he spent. These CryptoPunks are non-fungible tokens from the Ethereum blockchain. While they are not the first ones to be launched, they are one of the few that have gained in value. As of January 2018, there were tens of thousands of them created by users free of charge.

CryptoPunks have been a hot commodity since their first days on the market. A few of them have even gone as high as $15 million. The first Zombie Punk sold for a record $3.7 million, making it the most expensive CryptoPunk ever sold. MoonPay has also been buying CryptoPunks, including Ape and Zombie, and is now the go-to’middleman’ for celebrities.

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Alien Punk

If you are wondering what crypto punk is, then look no further. CryptoPunks are 24×24 pixel art images generated algorithmically, and are stored on the ethereum blockchain. They are essentially cryptocurrency, but with the added benefit of being proof of ownership. They can be watched in a wallet, and transferred using methods that reference the specific Punk they belong to. But beware: this type of crypto art isn’t readily exchangeable.

CryptoPunks are pixelated 24×24 avatars with various unique features. Developed in 2017, they were available free of charge to users. They’ve since become incredibly valuable, with some selling for over a million dollars. One such CryptoPunk, the 7-atty, recently sold for $1 million. Maegaard bought her for just $18,000 Ethereum last year, and it sold for over a million dollars.